Blast off, into the void, after forever, until we reach

The hole in the sky

You’ll never know, who you are, and what really matters

Even through junior’s eyes
You feel the solitude
The wheels of confusion
Even when under the sun
You feel the heat of an electric funeral
Sabbra cadabra, it’s done
Now in search of sweet leaf from the wizard
Even though we’re all snowblind
Make sure to take warning in a sleeping village
‘Cause fairies wear boots is what you’ll find
Watch out for that evil woman
Dressed in a nativity in black
She’ll make you feel like lord of this world
Devour your soul then spit it back
And you feel like an iron man
But all you fear is the hand of doom
And even though you’re going through changes
The thrill of it all is coming soon
Faster than an astro, cosmo, or a supernaut
And as we pass by the crimson eye
With our planet caravan
Don’t you ever never, never say die
As all the war pigs feel paranoid
While we’re waiting for tomorrow’s dream
Or even looking for today
Is it behind the wall of sleep?
Or am I just going insane?
Ah Chuck, “you bastard!”
And so you want to feel a little more
So you spin that Volume 4
Or maybe you’re just waiting for the writ
As you get lost in the riff

Stronger than an astro, cosmo, I’m a sabbath…naut
All, Hail, Black, Sa.., bbath, Now!