2 Wolves

Two wolves
Inside you

In conflict, in combat, for your soul
One is the anger, the hatred, the lies
The malignant thoughts, the ones you despise
The sorrow, the grief, the love that you lose
The pain, the blame, self torture and abuse

Rip the throat apart
Fangs in the heart
Bite and claw the face
Disfigure and displace
Everything, everyone
From the wounds you bleed
How your light recedes
Now you beg for death

As you inhale every crippling thought and breath

One wolf
Inside you
Is different, is patient, is virtue
One is the light, the love, and sense of peace
The strength in the dark, in your time of need
The healing, the patience, your soul in tranquility
The ease of your mind, not lost, but with family

This will be
Your destiny
Which will win
Your war within?
One wolf
Will survive
It depends
On which
You’ll feed