Defense Against Northern Aggression

March, step, double time, onward!
Defend yourselves boys from the invaders
Drill at Harper’s Ferry under Jackson
Prepare for warfare facing the Potomac
Hold your ground like Thermopylae
Defend your homes as you fly a “black flag”
Here they come to threaten your families
Understand that this is self protection
Defend Virginia against Northern aggression
Hold the line now, right flank, left flank
Wait now, reserve your fire
Let them come within fifty yards
Then blast them all with your rifles
When you charge, yell like Furies
We’ll be that Stonewall
And we’ll push back them all
We’ll draw out our swords
And throw our scabbards away without regret
We’ll show those yankee pigs just what we meant
We’ll stain those blue coats until they’re all blood red
And shoot all those boys down until they fall dead

We’ll be that Stonewall
We’ll push back them all
Ready, load, aim, wait
Hold, still, now, fire!
Now within the plumes of smoke
Reload your smoothbores, and
Fire at….will!

Hold the line now, right flank, left flank
The sun, glares, off all, metals
When they’re blinded, then, give ‘em

The, bayonet