March now, conquer, big dick diplomacy
Foreign lands, their wealth, for our “security”
Invade, old trade, might of militancy
Nevermind, war crimes, nor hypocrisy
Legendary, Mercenaries

In the jungles, on the sands, on any kind of soil
War machine, working hard, as we thwart and foil
Any threat, to our sacred fossil-fuel oil
Collect it all, to the victor, goes the spoils
Resource taker, orphan maker
Legendary, Mercenaries
Dig the mass graves
Douse with lye
Bury the shame
Blood and grime
Stack the corpses
Rotting in the sun
Insects swarm stench
What’s done is done
What is sin?
The dead are liars
Char the skin
And feed the fires
Rise, black smoke, choke out the sky
Maybe God won’t see any of our war…crimes
Across the globe, lock and load, as we venture
Lack of guilt, sadistic kinds of pleasure
Loss of life, without any kind of measure
Watch it burn, morbid thoughts we treasure
Resource taker, orphan maker
All this bounty,
As we call this “duty”