Yellowed And Wilted

When you were young
When you had hope
How the world seemed so possible and everything had meaning
Now you’re broken, now you’re tired and everything
Feels so bittersweet and very vacant
Grueling, under this pressure, the weight of our failures

How it crushes, us, as it does
Now you know this, all of our chances missed
As it escapes us everyday, just like the “promise” of today
Once you suffered, but now you’re calloused
Due to injuries, you’ve endured such a long time ago
Pain, like a rite of passage, ever so plain
And the scars, we carry, upon our hearts, our hearts
Time, the haunting ghost, as it shows us, our loss of trust
And the crucible of life that transforms us into such

Yellowed and wilted
Damaged by life, time, and circumstance
Forever disappointed

As our wounds, regrets, and losses become happenstance

Injured and broken

All our dreams and hopes never ever had a chance

Beaten and battered

The gain of bloodied bruises and forgotten plans

Shattered and splintered
As the shards of our ideals cut into our hands
Crushing, always, the shoulders of Titans
How it was never meant for us
Tragic heartbreak and loss
Was it even worth it
The weight of this enormous cross
Acknowledge the truth which we’ve known
It was all for naught; time to let it go

That was our time, but now it’s gone, and it feels all so wrong

Every petal fades (x3)
Every flower dies